Computing Services

Do you have computers in your office, but don’t require a full time IT staff to keep them up and running?  Nerdz I.T. can help bridge the gap, by providing top quality care and support in your computing environment.

Nerdz I.T. specializes in –

Virus protection and removal:

  • Make sure you are protected from work stopping viruses, and other threats

  • Removal of viruses and repair of applications and operating systems

Computer consulting:

  • Should you upgrade existing PCs or buy new ones?

  • Need high speed internet access, what are your options?

Network administration and support:

  • Upgrade network servers

  • Add new users

  • Add or change printers and other devices

  • Setup backups

Computer hardware troubleshooting and maintenance:

  • PC won’t start?

  • Is it a software or hardware problem?

  • PC slow?

Software troubleshooting and installation:

  • Install new software

  • Configure or setup for multiple users

  • Why doesn’t it work right?

PC upgrades and repair:

  • PC component upgrades

  • Replace broken components

We are a full service computer support company with over 23 years experience in the Information Technology industry and we understand the meaning of customer service.